Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Book Number in 2009: 81

Suzanne Brockmann
Title: Otherwise Engaged

3rd in Sunrise Key Trilogy
Genre: Romance
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 291

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Date Started:
Dec 8, 2009
Date Finished: Dec 9, 2009

My Comments:
This book was slightly different than the first two books in the trilogy, but equally great!!!

In this bok the island's billionaire, Prescott Seaholm, falls for the newest resident, Molly Cassidey, and her 10-yr old son, Zander who is hearing impaired.

Wow, what a story!! Kept me flipping those pages quickly right through to the end.. I am really sad that there are no more to this series, But now Suzanne Brockmann has made her way to the top of my list of favorite authors for sure!  I can't wait to read more by her sometime very soon..

Description from the publisher:

A woman convinced she must choose between the sensual and the sensible, between romance and reality. A man who settled for nothing less than having it all. A powerful novel of second chances, last chances, and a relationship that almost wasn’t—by New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann…

It was the chance Molly Cassidy was waiting for and she wasn’t letting it slip away. She’d unexpectedly inherited the Kirk Estate and was determined to restore the historic house as one of Sunrise Key’s finest bed-and-breakfasts. Of all the obstacles she faced, the biggest challenge was the man determined to buy the roof from over her head. Sexy billionaire Preston Seaholm owned the biggest resort in the little Florida community. But Molly knew well that the best things in life couldn’t be bought or sold. She had come to Sunrise Key with a dream, her ten-year-old son, and no intention of falling for a thrill-seeking adventurer. But from the moment they met, when he risked his own neck to save hers, Pres Seaholm proved he wasn’t the man Molly thought he was. Now, with something even more precious on the line, was she too late to recognize that he was the man she’d given up ever finding?

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