Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Book Number in 2009: 54

Nancy Bush
Title: Candy Apple Red

1st in the Jane Kelly Mystery
Genre: Mystery
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 338

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Date Started:
Aug 24, 2009
Date Finished: Sept 1, 2009

My Comments:
I had a really hard time getting into this story at first.. took me to chapter 6 to really start wanting to read more.. It wasn't that the story was that bad, it was the fact that the author was throwing in a lot of uncommon words which was distracting me.. Around chapter 5/6 it slowed down to a minimum and I was able to really get into Jane's world.. I enjoyed Jane and although I was not shocked about the "whodunit", I was big time shocked about the why!  Enough so to make me actually gasp out loud and claps my mouth LOL  Not many books can give me that reaction!

I'm glad I stuck it out at the start, was worth it by far and will read more at some point not too far off I hope!  :)

Description from the publisher:

Jane Kelly is through following men. She left Southern California for the murky quaintness of Lake Chinook, Oregon, apparently so she could trade her bartending skills for much more glamorous work process serving. And the boyfriend, of course, is long gone. But things have been looking a little brighter lately. Her hobby doing PI work is kind of fun, especially when she lands a real case - that pays real money. But the case is about Bobby Reynolds, best friend of Tim Murphy, the only guy she's never gotten over. Everyone except Tim believed Bobby murdered his young family - isn't that why he vanished? Now Tim's coming home and Jane's on her way to talk to Bobby's father. Looks like Jane'll be trailing men after all - this time with a tape recorder and a camera. To top it off, she's being trailed by a homely pug named Binky, left to her by a distant relative. With a job she's learning as she goes along and her ex back in town, Jane's life just went from stress-free to completely stressed-out. And then there's the dead body...

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