Thursday, August 06, 2009

Book Number in 2009: 46

Clair Baxter
Title: The Single Dad's Patchwork Family

Stand Alone
Genre: Romance
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 241

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Date Started:
Aug 4, 2009
Date Finished: Aug 6, 2009

My Comments:
This story was both cute and annoying at the same time lol

They were a cute family (or will be), but the woman in the story especially was just so childish and/or jumpy when it came to relationships.. Yet she had ben married, divorced and now a single mom to two young boys..

It was a nice family story though and I just love these cute, feel-good books.. This one was set in Australia and it was fun to read about their lives there.  :)

Description from the publisher:

Chase Mattner has come to tranquil, secluded Leo Bay to raise his daughter. In their house by the ocean, he plans a simple life.Regan Jantz isn't looking for distractions, either. With a tuna farm to run and two young sons to bring up alone, she's got her hands full.

But as single parents, Regan and Chase form a special bond. For so long their lives have been like jigsaws without the final pieces. Could a proposal from this gorgeous single dad make them whole again?

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