Monday, June 29, 2009

Book Number in 2009: 34

Janet Evanovich
Title: Naughty Neighbor

Stand Alone
Genre: Romance
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 229

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Date Started:
June 26, 2009
Date Finished: June 29, 2009

My Comments:
Louisa and Pete were the cutest couple!  I love reading Janet Evanovich romances and really hope she decides to write more of them now that all of the older ones seem to be republished..  I've only read 3 of them so far, but I have to stop myself from diving into the next ones right away!  I'd hate to be finished with them all and not get more!  Of course I do still have 14 of the 15 Plum series (plus the between the numbers) to read!! ;)

I'm still giggling at some of the quotes from this book.. she is the only author who can make me laugh out loud like that! 

Description from the publisher:

Louisa Brannigan's neighbor is a handsome hell-raiser—and he's driving Louisa crazy. He makes terrible coffee, steals her newspaper, and listens through her walls. But when she's fired from her government job, Louisa is persuaded to join his undercover investigation. Sneaking around in the shadows is more fun than she ever imagined, especially when the getaway car is a Porsche.
Pete Streeter never figured on finding such an attractive partner in crime. Louisa is all he ever wanted in a woman, and more. But once he's taught her to enjoy living on the edge, will she finally feel safe in his love?

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