Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Book Number in 2009: 13

Karen Rose Smith
Title: Her Mr. Right?

5th in The Wilder series
Genre: Romance
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 209

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Date Started:
March 15, 2009
Date Finished: March 18, 2009

My Comments:

I seem to be repeating myself again!  I enjoyed this book better than the last one.. The couple in this book were so real to me.  I loved the dedication and love Isobel had for her father.  And it was nice to read about a man being so agreeable to that.  There was a bit of mystery in this book as well, which of course always makes me enjoy a story more.

I'll be starting the last book in the series next.. And as much as I can't wait to read about the conclusion to the hospitals story.. I can't help but feel sad that it will be ending.  There are so many doctors and nurses in a hospital.. I wish they continued with more even after the hospital's fate is decided.  :(

Description from the publisher:

Neil Kane arrived at Walnut River General Hospital to investigate charges of insurance fraud, knowing he'd be greeted as Public Enemy #1. To his surprise, though, he soon discovered an unexpected ally in--and an undeniable attraction to--Isobel Suarez.The sexy social worker was unfailingly loyal to the hospital that was being threatened by a hostile takeover--a takeover that Neil was making a reality. Yet the intriguing investigator was a temptation she couldn't resist, and even by-the-book Neil couldn't hide from the sparks they generated. But everything changed once Isobel herself was accused of wrongdoing, and Neil had to decide which was more important: his job...or the woman who'd stolen his heart.

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