Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Book Number in 2008: 55
Book From: Own
Date Started: 11/30/08
Date Finished: 12/03/08
My Rating: 4.5

Author: Marin Thomas
Title: The Cowboy and the Angel
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Romance
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 210

My Comments:
Oh wow... This was truly an amazing story full of romance and emotions along with holiday spirit.

Reminded me of a made for TV holiday movie. Sure wish it was!! I could see a few of my favorite soap stars playing the parts. ;)

I'm looking forward to her next book due out in April 2009. :)

Description from the publisher:
Renée Sweeney will do whatever it takes to keep a roof over the heads of Detroit's street kids. Even if it means stepping in front of a ten-ton wrecking ball aimed at their temporary home. And especially if it means clashing with gorgeous corporate cowboy Duke Dalton.

To Duke, the blue-eyed blonde seems more like an angel than a social worker. Until he discovers a group of runaways camping out in his warehouse! The Tulsa businessman came to set up shop in a new town, not provide free housing for the masses. But Renée and the kids are making him rethink his bottom line…and what the spirit of the Christmas season really means.

Now this cowboy Santa is looking to give Renée—and her young charges—a gift straight from his heart!

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