Friday, June 13, 2008

Book Number in 2008: 28
Book From: Library
Date Started: 6/10/08
Date Finished: 6/13/08
My Rating: 4

Author: Terri Blackstock
Title: Last Light
Series: 1st in Restoration series
Genre: Christian
Format: Trade Size Paperback
Pages: 367

My Comments:
Wow! What a powerful story... Really makes you stop and think about our lives and the technologies that we've all become so used to. What would we do if all we ever knew just stopped working? No lights, no clocks, no cars, no stoves, or fans or even TVs... None of anything most of us just take for granted..

When we lose power due to electrical storms or snow storms I feel so lost without a light to read by, a computer to use or TV to distract me.

How would we feel, what would we all do if it just stopped working?

Hurricane Katrina comes to mind... And a lot of people behaved similar to this story... stealing for food or other needed items. I can't even imagine the desperation if the whole world were to lose power and the use of anything mechanical at all for months or more!!

Kym recently read this book and told me how amazing it was.. I didn't even know the half of it till I actually began reading it for myself. :) Here is the link to her review on this same book.

Description from the publisher:
After an unexplained catastrophic event in the atmosphere knocks out all electronics in the world, materialistic, well-to-do Americans are suddenly left helpless. And as they get down to the essentials of life, they learn to lean on God as they never have before. Book One in the Restoration Series.

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