Monday, April 28, 2008

Book Number in 2008: 16
Book From: Owned, gave to a friend
Date Started: 4/23/08
Date Finished: 4/28/08
My Rating: 3.5

Author: Jennifer Greene
Title: Blame it on Paris
Series: Stand Alone Novel
Genre: Romance
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 377

My Comments:
Cute, predictable romance.. I just love the comfy feeling you get from books like this. :)

Girl goes to Paris... Meets Boy when he "rescues" her. They fall in Love. They end up being from the same American town. They meet up back home after saying their tearful good-byes... Have lots of family/personal troubles. Fall in love all over again. The End.

An all in all adorable romance with lovable character. :) Who could ask for more?

Description from the publisher:
Kelly Rochard is determined to have one last adventure before settling down to married life!

Still, being mugged at the Louvre is not what she had in mind for her long-awaited trip to Paris. Until Will Maguire comes to her aid, and she finds herself completely distracted by the handsome stranger in the Notre Dame sweatshirt.

Kelly can't seem to resist the world's most romantic city or Will, who is determined to show her all its treasures, from the top of the Eiffel Tower to strolls along the Seine.

But will their love last when they're back in plain old South Bend, Indiana, or will they end up blaming their breathless fling on the city of love?

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