Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Book Number in 2007: 5
Date Finished:
March 6
My Rating:
3/5 stars

Author: Fern Michaels, Beverly Barton, Joanne Fluke & Shirley Jump
Sugar and Spice
Series Number:
Between 8 and 9 in the Hannah Swenson series by Joanne Fluke
Genre: Romance
Mass Market Paperback

Book From: Library
Why I Read it:
I wanted to read Joanne Fluke's story since it is part of the Hannah Swenson series

My Comments:
Enjoyable, cute, Christmas stories.
My favorite in the book was by Beverly Barton.. I have never read any of her books before, but you can be sure that I will be soon! And according to the review below, I guess I'm not alone!!

Description from Publishers Weekly:
Sweet is the word for this anthology from four top Kensington writers.

Beverly Barton's contribution, about two strangers snowed in after a Tennessee storm, is the steamy standout.

Fern Michaels creates a paean to childhood disappointment, but the romance gets short shrift.

Joanne Fluke's near-innocent tale of two teachers is clunky, but the dessert recipes make up for it.

Shirley Jump's office romance gives the collection a kick, with fiery writing.

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  1. I seem to have given up on the Joanne Fluke mysteries. I think I got fed up with the love triangle. Maybe I should go and see whether I can read them again!!