Thursday, April 27, 2006

Book #12 in 2006
Finished: 4/27
Title: The Kitchen Witch
Author: Annette Blair
Genre: Paranormal
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 320
My Rating: 2/5
Book 1 in the Blair Witch series

Description from the publisher:
Set in Old Salem around the Halloween season, this charming romantic comedy features a wacky, if good-hearted, self-proclaimed witch and her upstairs neighbor, a reformed bad boy trying to be a responsible father to his adorable four-year-old son, Shane. Needing a reliable baby sitter, Logan Kilgarven agrees to an exchange: he will find a job for Melody at the local TV station, where he is a producer, and she will be on call to baby sit Shane as needed. Melody, however, spurns his offer of a secretarial position, countering with a bid for a cooking show. The catch? Melody can't cook. At all. But with a combination of sex appeal and well-developed marketing skills, she sells the station owner on the concept, and several spicy encounters in elevators and on counters and desktops are the inevitable result. With both of them fighting their feelings, and several matchmakers as well as one marplot stirring the cauldron, Blair has crafted a fun and sexy romp.

My Comments:
I just couldn't get into this book.. It seemed the entire book was just about Melody and Logan wanting to have sex but not admitting it to each other or anyone else including themselves! It made me crazy lol, I kept waiting for more of a real story to develop, but it really didn't. The kid (Shane) was cute, but he seemed to have more common sense then the adults in his life and he seemed to act much too wise for his age.

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