Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Book #35 in 2005
Finished: 11/30
Title: Calling Romeo
Author: Alexandra Potter
Genre: Chick Lit
Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 347
My Rating: 4/5

Juliet is a 30 year old woman living with her boyfriend Will, in London. The story starts 2 years into their love story when Juliet is beginning to wonder if Will even loves her anymore. They make a special date for Valentine's day and she finds herself sitting alone in a restaurant waiting for him for hours. To make matters worse on her way home she gets drenched in the rain while watching all the other couples driving by in the back seat of cabs all warm and snuggly... then out of no where she is sprayed buy a ton of water when a jerk in a "cool" car drives by in a hurry. She locks eyes with this driver and finds herself day dreaming about him for the next few days.
Will stands her up a second time, this time for her office party that he knew was very important to her. Even though she is very angry she goes to the party and gets drunk. She then meets the stranger that drove his car threw the puddle on Valentine's night. His name is Sykes and he is her competition for an ad campaign her boss just put her in charge of. After she tells him off for ruining her coat he offers to pay for the cleaning and to take her to dinner to make up for it.
They end up spending time together and Juliet really falls for him and all the special attention she doesn't get from Will any longer. Sykes takes her to Verona, Italy for the weekend where the story of Romeo & Juilet was based from and makes all her fantasies come true.
But once back home in London she feels terrible for hiding the truth from Will..

I thought this was a great story, she discovers a lot about herself and about Will. She had to learn the hard way that relationships isn't all about candy hearts, fairy tales and Valentine's Day.

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  1. This sounds good... I might check that out over the holidays. I bought a book today called "So B. It", and it looks really interesting. It's written by an adolescent lit. author, but sometimes those books are better than those written for adults.