Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Book Number in 2010: 24

Irene Hannon
Title: Never Say Goodbye

Stand Alone
Genre: Christian Romance
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 252

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Date Started:
March 28, 2010
Date Finished: March 31, 2010

My Comments:
What a beautiful story of love and faith..

Scott was just released from prison after 3 long years after driving drunk had caused an accident that had resulted in the death of his 4 year old daughter, a man in the other car and landed his wife in the hospital with a concussion..

Jess never intended to speak with Scott again, but she slowly found herself wondering about him and the each and acceptance he seemed to have achieved.

Even on the coldest, darkest days of winter it's important to remember that Spring always comes.

Description from the publisher:

Never Say GoodBye by Irene HannonJess and Scott Mitchell were a perfect couple whose lives were full of faith and love. But tragedy struck, tearing them apart and causing both to doubt their beliefs. Now, five years later, they are seeking reconciliation -- with God and each other.

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