Sunday, January 24, 2010

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Debbie Macomber
Title: Can This Be Christmas

Stand Alone
Genre: Holiday Romance
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 91

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Date Started:
Jan 22, 2010
Date Finished: Jan 24, 2010

My Comments:
A group of strangers all aboard a train heading from Bangor, ME to Boston, MA are stranded in a train depot in a small NH town during a bad snow storm on Christmas Eve..

Each person (or couple) is on their way to spend the holidays with family and special friends... All have their own set of troubles that make them all nervous and/or short tempered.  But as the day wears into evening they begin to connect to each other and make things better as best they can by coming up with ideas to cheer up the kids and cure the boredom.

I loved this story! Feel connected to all of the characters in a special way :)

Description from the publisher:

In this short hardcover, Debbie Macomber shows how a group of train travelers stranded in a New Hampshire depot on Christmas Eve find the true meaning of Christmas. Len Dawber, a navy man stationed in Maine, is desperate to get home to Texas, where he intends to propose to his sweetheart Amy. Cathy Norris, devastated by her husband's recent death, doesn't expect to enjoy the holiday with her daughter's family in Boston. Burned-out computer salesman Matt McHugh, emotionally estranged from his wife and two kids, nurses his resentment and contemplates divorce. Kelly and Nick Berry fear they're losing the closeness they once shared as they struggle to adjust to their new roles as adoptive parents. When a blizzard forces these characters, and several others, all cranky and argumentative, to spend the night before Christmas together, they find that a little kindness and the courage to open their hearts go a long way toward making it a Christmas to remember. A good choice if you're looking to get in the Christmas spirit.

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