Sunday, September 27, 2009

Book Number in 2009: 62

Linda Goodnight
Title: The Millionaire's Nanny Arrangement

Baby on Board
Genre: Romance
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 241

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Date Started:
Sept 24, 2009
Date Finished: Sept 27, 2009

My Comments:
Awww.. Such sweet story telling!  Kelsey was an enjoyable character.. A recently widowed and pregnant out of work teacher who meets Ryan and Mariah (his daughter) in an airport waiting area.  Mariah decides to "interview" Kelsey for the job of being her "nanny/tutor" .. And being the sweet romances that these books are of course this is what end ups happening! ;)

Very cute story and an enjoyable escape on a cold, rainy day..

Description from the publisher:

A super successful businessman, the only thing Ryan Storm can't quite get a handle on is his daughter, Mariah. All she really wants is a mom. So he hires the next best thing.... Pregnant, widowed Kelsey Mason isn't Ryan's idea of the perfect nanny, but little Mariah bonds with her straightaway.Even Ryan starts to fall under Kelsey's spell as she tempts the workaholic to take time off to enjoy his family--a family that might grow into something even more special if Ryan can open his heart again...

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