Sunday, May 17, 2009

Book Number in 2009: 26

Stef Ann Holm
Title: All That Matters

Stand Alone
Genre: Romance
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 378

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Date Started:
May 11, 2009
Date Finished: May 17, 2009

My Comments:

Chloe and John both had some past issues holding them back.. Chloe's mom abandoned her as a teenager and she was divorced ten years earlier and still feeling a little gun shy.  John's marriage ended when his wife died suddenly 3 years ago leaving him alone to raise his two teenage children who have had a hard time dealing with their lives without their mom and have become very distant and rebellious. 

Watching these people come together and the building relationship between Chloe and John was beautiful and inspiring.

I also really enjoyed the secondary romance between Chloe's grandmother and a retired astronaut who owns a cigar shop across from her dress shop.  :)

I really enjoyed this author's writing style and look forward to reading more from her.
Description from the publisher:

 When a megastore grocery chain threatens to shut down the new boutique bakery Chloe Lawson's worked so hard to establish, she's furious. Her life may not be picture-perfect, but her custom cakes and pastries are becoming the talk of Boise, and she'd like to keep it that way.Chloe needs a champion, and handsome, widowed John Moretti turns out to be it. A high-powered lawyer whose two rebellious teenagers are the only people he doesn't seem able to impress, John is shocked to find himself fighting for Chloe's little cause, much less falling for her. But once he samples her home-baked charms, he's hooked--and determined to make her a permanent part of his family

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