Thursday, May 08, 2008

Book Number in 2008: 19
Book From: Library
Date Started: 5/06/08
Date Finished: 5/08/08
My Rating: 3.5

Author: Tracey Bateman
Title: Catch a Rising Star
Series: 1st
Genre: Christian Chick Lit
Format: Trade Size Paperback
Pages: 271

My Comments:
Her cell phone ringtone is the theme song to Friends! What's not to love about that??? :) I was so jealous I had to go buy it for my own cell!

My friend Kym and I read this book together.. I thought it was a very cute, easy read. It had me laughing, yet at times brought tears to my eyes as well.. Who could ask for more??

I love the friendships in the story and am happy to know that there are other books telling her 2 friends stories as well. :) I also loved seeing how Tabby grew to love David's children and she really seemed to mature by the end of the story.. :)

Description from the publisher:
When thirty-something Tabby Brockman has the opportunity to reclaim her role as a killed-off character on the nation's #1 daytime soap opera, she figures this must be God's reward. But back on the set, she's faced with the same hateful head writer who killed off her character in the first place, kids who drive her crazy, a stage dad who rubs her completely wrong, and and an unwanted boyfriend who can?t seem to get the message. Faced with this dizzying rollercoaster of challenges, Tabby has to wonder: is she finally a star on the rise or just on the brink of another spectacular fall?

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