Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Book Number in 2008: 5
Book From: Library
Date Started: 1/20/08
Date Finished: 1/23/08
My Rating: 4.5

Author: Barbara McMahon
Title: Snowbound Reunion
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Harlequin Romance
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 244

My Comments:
Another great Harlequin Romance! I'm SO glad I decided to try these books..
My biggest thing with romance novels is that I don't enjoy to read too many "sex details" and I always assumed (bad me!) that these were filled with that type of story.. Boy was I WRONG! This is my 5th in the past 2 months of this line of Harlequin and so far I have not encountered anything like that! It's not that I don't enjoy some ever lol, but I prefer to read lighter romances.

This particular story was about a married couple who spent more of their marriage apart then together for the past 6 years due to the husbands job. She went away to a house she was left when a family member passed on, leaving a note for him saying that she felt they should end their marriage.

While at this family home she learned the house has been in the family for hundreds of years and found journals in the basement written by a woman who was missing her husband during a war. I really enjoyed this secondary story and wished there was a little more of it.

But all in all I was left with a satisfied feeling after finishing this book late last night.. I'm really looking forward to reading more from this author as well as others in the Harlequin Romance line.

Description from the publisher:
Watching the snowflakes fall and make everything look perfect, Cath Morgan knows she's made the right decision to spend Christmas alone, far away from the city and her husband, Jake. For six years Cath has dreamed of more from her marriage--a husband who isn't off globe-trotting around the world and a home ringing with children's laughter.
Only Jake isn't about to let his wife go so easily. He has one Christmas to show how much he loves her--to share the secrets that have kept him away.
They just need this one chance to make their marriage beautiful again....

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