Sunday, July 22, 2007

Book Number in 2007: 19
Date Finished:
My Rating: 3/5

Cheryl Wolverton
Title: Once Upon a Chocolate Kiss
Series Number: part of the Hill Creek, Texas series.. not sure of the number
Genre: Inspirational Romance (Love Inspired)
mass market paperback
Pages: 250

Book From: own
Why I Read it: So I could pass it on to a friend who wants to read it too.

My Comments:
I enjoyed this story.. It was a little on the far fetched side, but it was a cute love story and I would like to read more about this little town and these characters someday :)
My only issue with this book was the confusion about ages.. I don't think I missed anything, but it seemed odd to me that Angela is 10 years younger then Samantha but Samantha went to school with Angela's father.. how is that possible? lol That made me stop and think about it and go back and re-read parts, so that is why I gave this a 3 star rating.

Description from the publisher:

Sweeter Than Honey

When candy shop owner Samantha Hampton nursed an injured stranger and invited him into her home, she thought she was being a Good Samaritan — after all, it was the least she could do after breaking his foot. Richard Moore's charm put her at ease and made her heart pound. But Samantha didn't know that she was aiding the enemy!

Richard Moore had no more control over his attraction to Samantha than he did the fact that his family's confectionery chain would put Samantha's small shop out of business. Despite being her competition, Richard had no intention of breaking her heart. Would Samantha forgive him when she learned the truth of his identity . . .?

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  1. It's funny how their are sometimes little things that the editor doesn't pick up on. I just finished The Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner. it was a great book, but they had a character with a cast on his arm swimming in the pool. It's just not realistic.