Thursday, June 28, 2007

Book Number in 2007: 16
Date Finished: 06/28
My Rating: 3/5 stars

Author: Nero Blanc
Title: The Crossword Murder
Series Number: 1
Genre: Mystery
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 295

Book From: Used book store
Why I Read it: Got it for a friend and decided to read it first since it's the first in the series.

My Comments:
I wasn't thrilled with the wording in the first few chapters.. It seemed forced, as if the author was saying since this is a crossword puzzle theme, you are supposed to talk/think using uncommon words.. I felt like it was mocking me for not knowing some of the words!
But once past that part and into the rest of the story I really enjoyed it :) I loved Rosco and Belle and how well they worked together to solve the mystery. I'm not going to run right out and get the next books in the series, but I will read more at some point. :)

Description from the publisher:

Thompson C. Briephs is dead. D-E-A-D. The body of the flamboyant crossword puzzle editor was found under suspicious circumstances—and his grief-stricken mother, a wealthy dowager, has hired P.I. Rosco Polycrates to come up with some answers.

To understand the victim's death, Rosco must understand his life. So he consults with the other crossword editor in Newcastle, Massachusetts—beautiful, brainy Annabella Graham, who spends her time creating conundrums for the town's rival paper.

Now this mismatched pair has discovered that a series of puzzles—written by Briephs before his death—may help them fill in the blanks in this investigation. And they'll need to look everywhere—including up, down, and across—to stop the killer from striking again...

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  1. I see you are a mystery fan! Haven't met many of them online. I LOVE historical mysteries. I guess it all started when I was young and I read all of Agatha Christie's novels. Now I'm making my way through the BLUE SATAN and the SANO ICHIRO mysteries. Love them to bits!