Sunday, October 29, 2006

Book #31 in 2006
Finished: 10/29
Title: Death of a Gossip
Author: M.C. Beaton
Genre: Mystery
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 192
My Rating: 3/5
(1st in series)

Description from the publisher:
When a famous gossip columnist is murdered at the local fishing school, no one is ready to talk. It's up to Hamish Macbeth, with the inspiring assistance of the lovely Priscilla Halburton-Smythe, to sniff out the right rat amid all the cunning anglers with secrets to hide. But someone has baited a hook for him.

My Comments:
I enjoyed the story, but won't be rushing to read them all in a hurry.
I found it very interesting having the setting in Scotland and the descriptions about their surroundings. I also found it interesting to read about fly-fishing, which is something I've never done.

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