Monday, August 14, 2006

Book #24 in 2006
Finished: 08/14
Title: To the Power of Three
Author: Laura Lippman
Genre: Mystery
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 430
My Rating: 2/5

Description from the publisher:
The three girls have been inseparable best friends since the third grade -- Josie, the athletic one; Perri, the brilliant, acerbic drama queen; and Kat, the beauty, who also has brains, grace, and a heart open to all around her. But their last day of high school becomes their final day together after one of them brings a gun to school to resolve a mysterious feud. When the police arrive, they discover two wounded girls, one so critically that she is not expected to recover. The third girl is dead, killed instantly by a shot to the heart. What transpired that morning at Glendale High rocks the foundation of an affluent community in Baltimore's distant suburbs, a place that has barely recovered from an earlier, more comprehensible tragedy. For the shell-shocked parents, teachers, administrators, and students, healing must begin with answers to the usual questions -- but only if the answers are safe ones, answers that will lead back to one girl and one family and absolve everyone else. For Homicide Sgt. Harold Lenhardt, this case is a mystery with more twists than these grief-stricken suburbanites are willing to acknowledge -- and the sole lucid survivor, a girl with a teenager's uncanny knack for stonewalling, strikes him as being less than honest. What is she concealing? Is she trying to protect herself or someone else? Even the simplest secrets can kill -- and kill again if no one is willing to confront them.

My Comments:
I didn't really enjoy this book so much, every chapter (and sometimes more then one in each chapter) was a different lead character and some flashback chapters. It was really confusing and the outcome just wasn't wasn't worth it all to me. So I'll let the publisher description say the rest for me..

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