Thursday, March 03, 2005

Book #3 in 2005
Finished: 3/03
Title: Dance Upon the Air
Author: Nora Roberts
Genre: Romance
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 386
My Rating: 4/5

First book in the Three Sisters Trilogy. I really enjoyed this book... especially since it was set in MA which is where I'm from.

The story is about 3 women who discover their close bond and special powers.

The legend states that the island was once part of the mainland long ago during the late 1600's when the Salem witch trials where taking place. The three sisters known as Air, Earth and Fire conjured the island as a place to escape.

Air fell in love with a man who abused and killed her in the end.

Earth was so devastated that she got revenge on her sisters killer which broke her sacred promise to do no harm.

Fire lost her love and was so devastated that she took her own life. Before she died she cast a spell to keep the island safe for 300 years, but at the end of the 300 years there would be a reunion of the three sisters -- descendants of the original three.

The story begins with Nell Channing who escaped from her abusive husband by faking her own death.. She comes to Three Sisters in hopes of finding a place she could call home and began working as the cook in a cafe in Mias' bookshop. Mia also gives her a place to live by renting her the small cottage that she owns.

She meets and befriends Ripley and Zach siblings who take charge of the island by being the only 2 police officers there. The four of them face a lot of challenges when the past catches up to Nell and the evil she thought she left behind findes her once again.

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