Friday, January 07, 2005

Book #1 in 2005
Finished: 1/07
Title: Someone To Watch Over Me
Author: Judith McNaught
Genre: Romance
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 560
My Rating: 3/5

Not as good as her previous novels, but still an enjoyable read. The characters were good, but the story was a little too jumpy for my tastes.

Leah, an actress living in New York goes to meet her husband to have a look at a house he was hoping they would buy. Traveling alone in a blizzard she loses her way and gets in an accident. When she wakes up she is terrified to find out no one knows where her husband is and having lost the map in the car crash she also doesn't know how to find the house.

Before long Michael, a man that most people fear is helping her find her husband and learn of the secrets her husband kept from her. She then learns of a past connection with this man and understands better his willingness to help her in her crisis.

In the secondary story a woman who is just starting out as a police officer helps to solve the case of Leahs' missing husband and falls for the detective that was hired just for this high profile case.

Judith McNaught is really great at writing the male role in her stories and it's what saved this one for me. The character of Michael was what every woman imagines her Knight in Shining Armor to be!!

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