Saturday, July 24, 2004

Here's a list of books by V.C. Andrews that I read between 1991 and 1997:

Flowers in the Attic
Petals on the wind
If there be thorns
Seeds if yesterday

Those were all part of the Flowers in the Attic series... I loved these books, and the movie Flowers in the Attic as well. As with any series though, the first book was the best, and the book was much better then the movie. This story starts with 4 children losing their father and their mother moving them to the house she grew up in with her mother who did not approve of her marriage or her children. As the title says these children were locked in the attic. The following 3 books in the series tell the story of the children's lives after the attic.

The next V.C. Andrews books I read was:

My Sweet Audrina (This book still has a place in my top 10 books of all time, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something new to read) this story is about a little girl who is haunted by her "dead" sister with the same name.

The next 2 series were good, but not on my favorites list. I didn't even read all of the first series as you can see...

Dark Angel
Fallen Hearts
Gates of Paradise

Secrets of the Morning
Twilights Child
Midnight Whisperers
Darkest Hour

This next V.C. Andrews series I found much more enjoyable then the previous two. It's not that I hated the last ones, I don't think I could really hate any of her books, I just don't remember too much about those... I know the first one had to do with a owning a hotel, and I remember thinking how cool it would be.

The Ruby series had to do with a girls mother who found herself raising her daughter alone and eventually leaving her with family and how the young girl coped. Then in the 2nd half of the series finding her mother again and learning about her life.

Heart Song
Unfinished Symphony


  1. Every girl must go through a V.C. Andrews phase, b/c I know I did. There was a time when she was the ONLY author I'd read. The Dawn series was my personal favorite, but probably only b/c it was the first I read.

  2. I still have so many of her books to read, even tho I was out of the phase I keep buying her books when I see a new one come out... Did you know she passed away a few years ago? Her family is publishing under name now.. I believe it's still her stories just works that weren't finished completely.
    I know once I start to read them again I will go thru another phase LOL Her books are really addicting.

  3. Yeah, she's been dead almost 20 years, unfortunately. She died before the Flowers in the Attic movie came out, and I guess that was before I had even heard of her...I was just a kid. Most of her books have that letter from her family that says they are "working closely with a carefully selected writer to expand and continue the story-telling genius of V.C. Andrews"....but it never says how much of the books she actually wrote (the ghost writer was Andrew Neiderman -author of The Devil's Advocate). The Dawn books were written after her death. I guess writing was her release. She was in a wheelchair a lot of her life, and she never married or had any kids. (You probably already knew all that, sorry for being longwinded, but I really like her stuff).

    I would love to put my V.C. Andrews collection on the bookshelf in my classroom for the kids to read b/c they're easy reading and high interest kind of books....but I'd say they're not appropriate for school...she had a lot of recurring themes in her books that parents wouldn't appreciate, incest in one form or another was fairly common. Oh well, maybe they'll discover her writing on their own.

  4. Whoops...that comment was mine, didn't mean for it to be annonymous.